Victorville Recycling Center

Since 1983, Main Street Fibers has been a mainstay in Victorville and the surrounding communities. Over these 40 memorable years, we have maintained our strong reputation as the leading recycling service in Victorville because our customers appreciate our dedication to constantly delivering outstanding service. We respect our customers’ loyalty and work hard to maintain our credibility in the community. The largest recycling company in the Inland Empire began as a little operation with a used truck, an old baler, and three employees. Our family-owned and operated business is fully insured, bonded, and licensed. We only hire the most trusted, experienced, and professional people because we believe our clientele deserves nothing less. Visit us or contact us today to learn why our customers consider us to be the greatest recycling service in the area!

Recycling Services

Experience is an especially crucial element to consider when you’re looking for the best local recycling service in Victorville to fulfill all of your recycling needs. For decades, Main Street Fibers has been a recycling industry pioneer. Our managers and owners have extensive experience, and our entire staff is dedicated to doing our part to protect the environment. We offer a comprehensive range of recycling services, so you can depend on us for all of your recycling needs!

CRV Processor Services

The State of California has a program that allows consumers to place a deposit at the purchase point on specific beverage containers, then recover their deposit when they recycle in an effort to make recycling more attractive. From the very start of the program in 1986, Main Street Fibers has played an active role. We are proud to work with groups such as the State of California, CalRecycle, and the California Department of Resources, handle millions of pounds of CRV each year, and support hundreds of Certified Recyclers in Southern California to improve our state in any way we can. We are here to help Certified Recyclers with a range of tasks, such as applying for certification, submitting DR-6 Reports, purchasing or leasing equipment, selling scrap metal, and more.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic is one of the most significant environmental contaminants in today’s world, and our society consumes more plastic than ever. Industrial plastic recycling is crucial in addressing this growing issue. We handle and recycle a wide variety of plastic product types. If you’re looking into electronic recycling, we also accept certain TV housing and PC plastics. If your plastic products are recyclable, we will gladly assess them and make you an offer.

Metal Recycling

Main Street Fibers accepts a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for scrap metal recycling. Whether you want to recycle brass, copper, aluminum, steel, tin, or another kind of metal, we will be there to help. We collaborate with local authorities to find solutions to prevent metal theft and the disposal of harmful materials and prohibited materials because we truly care about the planet. We offer the highest payments in the region on recyclables, and we also rent construction and demolition equipment.

Recycling Programs

If you don’t have a clear, well-thought-out recycling plan, you’re wasting money by letting valuable recyclables end up in a landfill. The incredible team at our Victorville recycling service will be glad to assist you with building a personalized recycling program, as we have done for numerous other local businesses. You can feel good about making a business decision that helps the planet while also benefiting your organization financially.

Recycling Equipment

Investing in your own recycling equipment is one of the most proactive financial decisions you can make for your organization. Balers, compactors, and other recycling equipment are space-saving and cost-efficient, making them perfect for a wide range of businesses, including grocery stores, schools, bottling companies, and hospitals. Our recycling company in Victorville specializes in leasing and selling recycling equipment to fellow local businesses. Our pros are happy to help you assess your needs and choose the equipment that best meets the exact needs of your company.

Bottle & Can Recycling

In California, not only is it simple to recycle cans and bottles for scrap value, but certain materials also qualify for a CRV deposit reimbursement. If you want to make some extra money while helping the environment when you recycle bottles, cans, and other types of containers, we are the place to go. As a Certified Processor for the State of California, we specialize in plastic, metal, and glass recycling. Our local recycling center happily refunds CRV deposits and welcomes a wide range of recyclable materials. To encourage you to make glass, plastic, and aluminum recycling a habit, our scrap value payments are fair and our process is simple and quick.

Industrial & Commercial Collection Services

Our tractor, roll-off truck, flatbed, and van fleet is the cleanest and most extensive in the region. We would be happy to offer you all of the equipment you need to manage any loose or baled materials, and our fleet operates around the clock for optimal efficiency. Making use of our extensive recycling services and 500+ roll-off bins is an easy way to avoid downtime and minimize costs. We welcome you to contact us right away and let us show you how easy and hassle-free recycling can be.

Paper & Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard and paper recycling is critical to the preservation of our planet. We process a large volume of cardboard and paper every day, and the sorts of paper you can recycle may surprise you. To help keep your home or office clutter-free, we accept office paper, old newspapers, corrugated containers, ledger paper, and a range of other cardboard and paper goods. Recycling paper and cardboard items can help you reduce your carbon footprint and establish habits that genuinely make a difference in your small corner of the globe.

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