Cherry Valley Recycling Center

Main Street Fibers immediately became a household name in the Cherry Valley area after opening its doors in 1983. We have created and maintained a superb reputation as the best recycling service in Cherry Valley over these 40 amazing years because we are known among our clientele for our focus on continually providing exemplary service. We appreciate your business and will do everything we can to maintain our stellar reputation in the area. What began as a small startup business with 3 employees, an old baler, and a used truck has evolved into the largest recycling company in the Inland Empire – and we certainly don’t take that honor for granted. Our local, family-owned, family-operated company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Because we feel that our clients deserve the best, we require important attributes such as professionalism, trustworthiness, and honesty from each employee. Come meet us or contact us today to find out why our clients rate us as the best recycling service in the area!

Recycling Services

When you’re looking for an outstanding local recycling service in Cherry Valley to fulfill all of your recycling needs, experience is the most crucial thing to consider. Main Street Fibers has been leading the way in the recycling industry for decades. Our managers and owners are dedicated to doing our part to protect our planet, and we are continually educating ourselves so we can improve our processes. We provide a full range of recycling services, so you can officially consider us your go-to recycling company!

Bottle & Can Recycling

When you recycle cans or bottles of certain types, the state of California permits you to get a CRV deposit reimbursement in addition to a scrap value payout. If you want to recycle bottles, cans, and other containers, help the environment, and earn some extra cash, you’ve come to the perfect place. Because we are a Certified Processor for the State of California, we specialize in aluminum, plastic, and glass recycling. At our local recycling center, we accept a broad range of recyclables and reimburse CRV deposits on all qualified containers. We sincerely hope that recycling will become a habit in your life, which is why we make plastic, glass, and aluminum recycling fast, simple, and surprisingly profitable.

Paper & Cardboard Recycling

If cardboard and paper recycling were not possible, it would be incredibly hard for all of us to make the planet healthier and cleaner. Every day, we process a large amount of paper and cardboard, and the types of paper you can recycle might be surprising to you. We are happy to help you keep your home or business neat by accepting everything from ledger paper to office paper to corrugated containers to old newspapers and more. Recycling paper and cardboard can assist you in minimizing your carbon footprint and developing habits that make a significant impact in your little part of the globe.

Industrial & Commercial Collection Services

Our extensive, well-maintained, and dependable fleet includes roll-off trucks, vans, flatbeds, and tractors. We would be delighted to assist you in obtaining all of the equipment you need for your baled or loose materials, and our vehicles are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to fulfill your specific requirements. Making use of our extensive recycling services and 500+ roll-off bins is an easy way to avoid downtime and minimize costs. Contact us today and let us help you make recycling simple.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic is widely acknowledged to be a major environmental hazard, and our population uses more of it than any previous generation. In order to address this burgeoning problem, industrial plastic recycling is critical. We accept and process a wide range of plastics. If you’re looking for electronic recycling, we accept some TV housing and PC plastics. We’d be happy to evaluate any plastic products you have and let you know if we can accept and pay for them.

Recycling Equipment

As a clever business owner, you should seriously consider investing in your own recycling equipment. Balers, compactors, and other recycling equipment save both money and space, making them ideal for a number of sectors such as grocery stores, bottling companies, schools, and hospitals. At our recycling company in Cherry Valley, we sell and lease recycling equipment to a wide range of nearby businesses. Our specialists are available to help you with evaluating your needs and picking the equipment that best matches your company’s specific needs.

Recycling Programs

If your company hasn’t implemented a complete recycling program, you are most certainly wasting money by throwing recyclables away. Our Cherry Valley recycling service specialists have helped countless other local companies build totally unique recycling programs, and we would be glad to help you do the same. You can feel good about making a business decision that benefits the environment while also benefiting your company financially.

CRV Processor Services

The State of California offers a program that encourages recycling by placing a deposit on beverage containers at the time of purchase and allowing customers to recover that deposit by recycling the container. Main Street Fibers has been an enthusiastic participant in this program since its inception in 1986. We are proud to say we process millions of pounds of CRV annually, work with agencies like CalRecycle, the California Department of Resources, and the State of California to improve our state in any way possible, and service hundreds of Southern California Certified Recyclers. We can assist Certified Recyclers in a variety of ways, including filing for certification, selling scrap material, selling or leasing equipment, completing DR-6 Reports, and more.

Metal Recycling

For scrap metal recycling, Main Street Fibers takes a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We can help you recycle aluminum, steel, copper, tin, and brass, among other metals. We collaborate with local authorities to develop techniques for reducing metal theft and the disposal of dangerous and prohibited materials because we sincerely care about the environment. We also pay top dollar for recyclable objects and offer rentals for demolition and construction contractors.

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