Diamond Bar Recycling Center

Since 1983, Main Street Fibers has proudly been a cornerstone in the Diamond Bar region. We have maintained our excellent reputation as the premier recycling service in Diamond Bar for the past 40 years because our customers value our commitment to consistently providing them with exemplary service. We respect our customers’ loyalty and work hard to maintain our credibility in the community. The Inland Empire’s largest recycling company began as a small operation with a used truck, an outdated baler, and three employees. Our local, family-run business is properly bonded, licensed, and insured. Because we feel our clients deserve the very best, we only employ the most reputable, skilled, and personable people. Visit or call us today and we’ll show you what distinguishes us from every other recycling service in the area (and beyond)!

Recycling Services

If you’re looking for the best local recycling service in Diamond Bar to help you achieve all of your recycling goals, experience is the most important factor to consider. Main Street Fibers is well-versed in the recycling industry. Our managers and owners are incredibly knowledgeable, and we are all dedicated to doing our part to make the world a better place for generations to come. We offer a comprehensive range of recycling services, so you can rely on us for anything and everything related to recycling!

Industrial & Commercial Collection Services

Our well-maintained fleet consists of flatbeds, vans, roll-off trucks, and tractors. We would be pleased to assist you in obtaining all of the equipment you require for your baled or loose materials, and our vehicles run around the clock to meet your exact needs. Our comprehensive recycling service has more than 500 roll-off containers at our disposal, allowing you to prevent downtime and avoid unnecessary costs. We encourage you to contact us today and let us show you how simple recycling can be.

Paper & Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard and paper recycling is a vital ingredient in preserving our planet. On a daily basis, we process massive amounts of paper and cardboard, and you may be shocked by the variety of paper types we handle. To assist you in keeping your home or workplace clutter-free, we take everything from office paper to corrugated containers to ledger paper to old newspapers and beyond. You can establish healthy behaviors that will dramatically minimize your carbon footprint by recycling paper and cardboard.

Recycling Equipment

Every forward-thinking business owner should think about investing in their own recycling equipment. Compactors and balers have demonstrated that they effectively save space and money in a variety of industries, including schools, bottling companies, hospitals, and grocery stores. We sell and lease recycling equipment to a range of local businesses at our recycling company in Diamond Bar. Our experts are happy to help you examine your demands and choose the equipment that best matches your company’s specific requirements.

CRV Processor Services

The State of California has a program that allows consumers to place a deposit at the purchase point on specific beverage containers, then recover their deposit when they recycle in an effort to make recycling more attractive. Main Street Fibers has been a dedicated participant in the program since its inception in 1986. We are proud to work with groups such as the State of California, CalRecycle, and the California Department of Resources, handle millions of pounds of CRV each year, and support hundreds of Certified Recyclers in Southern California to improve our state in any way we can. We are here to assist Certified Recyclers with a variety of activities, including purchasing or leasing equipment, completing DR-6 Reports, applying for certification, selling scrap metal, and so much more.

Bottle & Can Recycling

In California, not only can you recycle cans and bottles for scrap value, but certain containers are also eligible for CRV deposit reimbursement. If you want to make some extra money while helping the environment as you recycle bottles, cans, and other containers, you’ve found the perfect place to do just that. Because we are a Certified Processor for the State of California, we specialize in aluminum, plastic, and glass recycling. Our local recycling center gladly reimburses CRV deposits and accepts a wide variety of recyclables. To encourage you to make glass, plastic, and aluminum recycling a habit, our scrap value payments are fair and our process is simple and quick.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic is well known to be a concerning environmental danger, and our society consumes more of it than any preceding generation. Recycling industrial plastics is the most effective way to fight this rising problem. We work with and recycle a wide variety of plastics. If you’re interested in electronic recycling, we can accept some types of PC plastic and TV housings. If your plastic products are recyclable, we will gladly analyze them and make you an offer.

Recycling Programs

If you don’t have a solid, complete recycling plan in place and your company allows recyclables to end up in the landfill, you risk wasting money. As we have done for many other local companies, the exceptional personnel at our Diamond Bar recycling service would gladly assist you in building a personalized recycling program. You can feel good about making a business decision that positively impacts the planet while also benefiting your organization financially.

Metal Recycling

Main Street Fibers accepts a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for scrap metal recycling. We can assist you with recycling copper, tin, steel, brass, aluminum, and other metals. Because we care about the environment, we collaborate with local authorities to discover solutions to reduce metal theft and the disposal of dangerous materials and prohibited substances. We rent demolition and construction equipment and pay top dollar for any recyclables.

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