Pomona Recycling Center

Main Street Fibers became a mainstay in Pomona and the surrounding communities in 1983. Over these 40 great years, we have created and maintained a remarkable reputation as the premier recycling service in Pomona because we are known among our customers for our commitment to continually offering exceptional service. We appreciate your business and will continue to work hard to maintain our standing in the community. With just three employees, a second hand truck, and an old baler, the Inland Empire’s largest recycling company comes from humble beginnings. Our family-owned local business is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Since we genuinely feel that our customers deserve only the best, our employees each exhibit important qualities like integrity, professionalism, and expertise. Come visit us or contact us today to learn why our customers consider us to be the greatest recycling service in the area!

Recycling Services

You should only choose the finest local recycling service in Pomona, so the key feature to look for is experience. Main Street Fibers knows everything there is to know about the recycling business. Our managers and owners are extremely knowledgeable, and we are all committed to doing our part to make the world a better place for future generations. We offer a wide range of services, making us a one-stop shop for recycling!

CRV Processor Services

The State of California supports recycling by charging a deposit at the point of purchase on specific beverage containers and allowing customers to recover that deposit by recycling the container. Main Street Fibers has been a dedicated participant in the program since its inception in 1986. We are glad to handle millions of pounds of CRV each year, collaborate with organizations such as the State of California, CalRecycle, and the California Department of Resources to better our state in any way we can, and support hundreds of Southern California Certified Recyclers. We can help Certified Recyclers in a number of ways, including applying for certification, selling or leasing equipment, purchasing scrap material, filling out DR-6 Reports, and more.

Recycling Equipment

Owning your own recycling equipment is one of the greatest financial decisions you can make for your company. From bottling operations and grocery stores to hospitals and schools, compactors and balers have proven to be unbelievably money-saving and space-saving. Our recycling company in Pomona specializes in leasing and selling recycling equipment to other local businesses. Our experts will assist you in evaluating your requirements and making the best choices for your specific circumstances.

Metal Recycling

Main Street Fibers accepts a wide range of non-ferrous and ferrous metals for scrap metal recycling. We can help you recycle brass, copper, steel, aluminum, and tin, among other metals. Because the environment is our primary priority, we collaborate with local officials to implement policies that limit hazardous waste disposal, prohibited material disposal, and metal theft. We provide construction and demolition equipment, and our payments for recyclable materials are the highest you’ll find in the region.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic is widely recognized as a major environmental threat, and we use more of this contaminant in our daily lives than at any previous time in history. Industrial plastic recycling is critical in combating this escalating problem. We recycle and process many different types of plastic. If you’re looking for electronic recycling, we take some TV housing and PC plastics. We will gladly check your plastic products and provide you with an offer if they can be recycled.

Recycling Programs

If you don’t have an excellent recycling program in place, you’re undoubtedly sacrificing money by putting recyclables in the garbage can. As we have done for many other local businesses, the excellent team at our Pomona recycling service can gladly assist you in developing a personalized recycling program. You can feel good about making a business decision that positively impacts the planet while also benefiting your organization financially.

Paper & Cardboard Recycling

If cardboard and paper recycling were not widely available, none of us would be capable of making a difference for the sake of the planet. On a daily basis, we handle a massive volume of cardboard and paper, and the types of paper you can recycle may surprise you. From office paper to ledger paper to old newspapers to corrugated containers and beyond, we are pleased to help you keep your home or office tidy. Recycling cardboard and paper can help you develop healthy habits that will considerably lessen your environmental impact.

Industrial & Commercial Collection Services

Our well-kept and extensive fleet includes flatbeds, roll-off trucks, vans, and tractors. We would be delighted to provide you with all of the equipment you need to handle any baled or loose materials, and our fleet is available to suit your specific demands 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using our 500+ roll-off bins and our comprehensive recycling services is a simple way to avoid downtime and cut costs. We welcome you to contact us right away and let us show you how easy and hassle-free recycling can be.

Bottle & Can Recycling

Not only can you recycle cans or bottles for scrap value in California, but specific containers also qualify for reimbursement of your CRV deposit. If you want to make some extra money while helping the environment when you recycle bottles, cans, and other types of containers, we are the place to go. We are a Certified Processor for the State of California, so aluminum, plastic, and glass recycling are our bread and butter. At our local recycling center, we accept a broad range of recyclables and reimburse CRV deposits on all qualified containers. We genuinely hope that recycling becomes a habit in your life, which is why we make plastic, glass, and aluminum recycling quick, easy, and surprisingly rewarding.

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