In 1986 the State of California enacted a program that places a deposit on certain beverage containers paid at the time of purchase by the consumer in the State of California. Main Street Fibers was the 11th company in California to become a Certified Processor and is the 6th oldest Processor still in operation today.

Main Street Fibers processes over 50 million pounds of CRV material a year and services 100’s of Certified Recyclers all over Southern California. Main Street Fibers works with the State of California by giving input on regulations and participating in audits to help set handling fees and processing fees. Main Street Fibers prides itself on its excellent reputation as well as its great relationship with the California Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle).

Main Street Fibers ships directly to the largest Aluminum Mills in the world, supplying them daily with a consistent supply of clean UBC (used beverage containers) material.

Main Street Fibers can assist the Certified Recycler in the following areas.

  • Certification — We can guide you during the Certification process and help with your application.
  • Equipment — We can provide you with roll off boxes or bins to store your material.
  • Scrap Prices — We are able to offer high scrap prices on your material due to the large volume of consistently high quality material we ship.
  • Shipping Reports — We are able to instruct you on how to fill out your DR-6 Reports before you ship your first load. You can contact our knowledgeable staff with questions on how to fill out paperwork as well as general questions regarding the State requirements.

One of Main Street Fibers biggest assets is our knowledge. Not only has Main Street Fibers been involved with the CRV program since its inception, it has been at the forefront in finding markets for all types of materials. Our owners and managers have over 200 years of combined experience in the Recycling Industry.