Paper and Cardboard

Now more than ever it is imperative that we try to recycle all that we can to keep paper out of landfills and help save the earth. Many people are surprised at the types of paper that we accept and at the large volume we process daily. The following are common types of Paper that we accept at Main Street Fibers.

Types of Materials Accepted

Mix Paper: This lowest valued paper grade is a mixture of all paper grades including magazines and telephone books.
Office Paper: Consists of printed or unprinted office paper, white paper, color paper and envelopes.
Sorted White Ledger — Consists of white paper printed or unprinted which includes copier paper, computer paper and white envelopes without windows. Must be free of coatings and heavy color printing.
ONP — Old Newspaper: Consists of sorted, clean newspapers free of sunburn and mold.
OCC — Old Corrugated Containers: Consists of cardboard boxes, brown kraft bags, cereal boxes, six pack carriers etc.

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