Recycling Services

Industrial Plastics

Main Street Fibers recycles certain types of industrial plastics generated by its customers. Certain...

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Paper and Cardboard

Now more than ever it is imperative that we try to recycle all that we can to keep paper out of landfills...

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Metal Recycling Services

Main Street Fibers supplies a wide variety of processed and packaged quality grade ferrous and non-ferrous...

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Bottles and Cans

Looking to Recycle Cans?CALIFORNIA REDEMPTION VALUE OR CRV In 1986 the State of California enacted a...

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Recycling Laws

Over the last several years, as scrap metal prices have risen and the economy has declined, metal theft...

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Industrial & Commercial Services

CRV Processor Services

In 1986 the State of California enacted a program that places a deposit on certain beverage containers...

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Recycling Equipment

Over our 25 year history we have supplied many hospitals, grocery stores, bottling companies, schools and...

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Recycling Programs

How much money are you wasting by sending your recyclable material to the landfill? Every year thousands...

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Collection Services

Main Street Fibers' fleet of clean well maintained roll-off trucks and tractors service accounts round the...

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